The Walking Dead: Santa Rosa

Episode 2
Past And Future Ghosts

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Unknown Soldier hands over his weapons and rushes straight into the mass of walkers, carrying live grenades. The group watches as he sacrifices himself to slow down the horde so that the others can make their escape.

As the group hurries east, four passers-by approach the group on horseback. They identify themselves as Tricia, a farm-owner; Julio, who is employed on Tricia’s farm; and Katie and Carson, Tricia’s teenage twins. Tricia warns them that she had heard the bomb warning over the radio, and offers help in taking members of the group back to her farm before returning for the rest. Norm immediately takes up the offer, followed by Prof. Waldo, Anna Marie, and David. They ride off as the others agree to fend off walkers until the horses return.

Juice, Uncle Drew, and Tyrone arm themselves with the now dead soldier’s firearms, and head west into the freeway, evading the walkers and shooting the ones that get too close. After clearing a path, the trio starts running southbound amid the abandoned cars and corpses.

The group on horseback ride up Mark West Springs Rd. towards Tricia’s farm, but off in the distance they see the US Air Force bombers fly over the area they had just left. Bombs are dropped and the whole area becomes engulfed. Juice, Uncle Drew, and Tyrone are thrown from the blast and all three black out.

After arriving at the farm, Tricia tells Julio to show the guests to their rooms and allow them to rest. As the group heads up the stairs, they notice the family portraits hung on the wall. Several of them include Walter and Jack, the father and son who attempted to rob the group at Wells Fargo Center, but were shot dead by Tyrone. The group asks Julio about them, and it’s revealed that they are actually brothers, and Tricia’s step sons. They ran away to look for their missing father, and hadn’t been seen since. Tricia and the others were roaming around the area on horseback looking for them.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Juice wakes up in a hospital ward, surrounded by others also laying in beds. He checks on Uncle Drew, only to find his lower torso blown apart and mutilated. He then checks on Tyrone to see that a huge piece of a car door had been lodged into Tyrone’s chest. The other two people in the ward were Sophie and Luke, who were still alive. They had be scavenging in different areas of Santa Rosa, but were jumped by a group of guys wearing scrubs. A man who identified himself as Daniel appears at the ward and tells the group he’d be watching all night. He knows who kidnapped all of them, and that these people were very dangerous. He knew them because they all had come from the same place: the future.

Tricia decides to ride back out to Wells Fargo Center to check for any survivors from the bombing, and David decides to accompany her. Along the way, Tricia asks if David had ever seen her step sons come by in the past week. David, without committing to a straight answer, tells her that a lot of people had come through Wells Fargo Center, but he hadn’t seen everyone’s faces.

The group at the hospital attempts to sneak out, but are confronted by Jameson, who tells them that he is from the same place Daniel is from. After a shootout with Jameson’s goons, Jameson fires a few shots into Daniel’s shoulder, and nearly shoot’s Juice’s good arm off. He then exclaims that this is too much fun, and decides to walk off and let them continue their escape attempt. The group decides to wait until evening.

At Wells Fargo Center, Tricia and David find part of the building bombed with a large section of the wall missing. The two cautiously enter and Tricia grows more and more suspicious of the situation. She finds a large pool of dried blood in the common area, and streaks on the floor leading from that to a closed off room. They open the door, and Tricia is stunned to find her two step sons dead, on the ground. David takes her gun away and she tells him they’re going back to the farm, and David and the others would not be welcome to stay.

Back at the farm, everyone is working on building more of the barricade in front of the driveway, when Julio spots a man from far away approaching. Anna Marie takes Carson and Katie inside, while Norm backs Julio up. The man calls out to them, identifying himself as Mr. Baldwin, the on-site manager of Wells Fargo Center. He’d hiked his way up Mark West Springs after watching the group ride up that road. Julio, suspicious of the man, asks Norm if he recognizes him. Norm says he does, and says he’s dangerous. Norm then fires his rifle directly at Mr. Baldwin’s head, instantly killing him. Julio turns his gun on Norm, and Carson comes out also armed.

At the hospital, which the group now discovers is Kaiser Permanente, the group sneaks past several of Jameson’s goons, and they find a mysterious command center, filled with assault rifles, pistols, networked computers, and the locker with all of their personal belongings. Before they can take anything, Jameson appears fully armed. He laughs as he asks them why they want to leave. He then gives an offer: They can stay, let him do his experiments, and then possibly die, or he can let them leave, he will try to hunt them down, and then torture them without mercy. The group decides to take their chances and head out. Juice knows that a gun store is nearby, and suggests they all move in that direction.

Tricia and David return to the farm, interrupting the stand-off. Things start to heat up, when Anna Marie reveals her secret: She doesn’t want to leave the farm because she is now three months pregnant. After the stunning revelation, Tricia tells everyone to get inside, and that they were going to discuss the turn of events. Later in the evening, everyone convenes for dinner and Tricia immediately begins questioning the group. She asks why Norm had killed Mr. Baldwin who Julio says was not a walker, how her step sons were murdered in the first place, and why no one had come forth initially with the truth after seeing the pictures on the wall. After some discussion, she tells them they are welcome to spend the night, but that she wanted them gone before morning.

Friday, November 16, 2012

In the middle of the night, the group wakes up to find Tricia standing over Norm, holding a knife. She asks him why she shouldn’t just kill him right there. Norm quickly replies, “You don’t want blood on your hands.” Tricia turns away and leaves the room, saying, “That’s right. Now get out of my house.”

Episode 1
The Beginning Of The End

Saturday, November 10, 2012

On Highway 101 North, Tyrone and Uncle Drew were on their way to River Rock Casino, looking to come up a little with their most recently received paychecks. Norm, a pizza delivery guy, was on his way bringing a couple large ones to a home in Windsor. David had just gotten off of work from the butcher shop, and was riding the Sonoma County bus towards his Windsor apartment. Prof. Waldo is on that same bus, headed towards the Sonoma County Airport. In an ambulance racing towards the Kaiser hospital in Larkfield, nurse Anna Marie and EMT Wallace were tending to a patient in critical condition. The victim was being mugged, until he was rescued by Juice, a young costumed vigilante. A police officer suggested to Anna Marie that she keep an eye on Herman until authorities could follow and possibly make an arrest.

Suddenly, several cars swerve up ahead and crash into each other, causing a massive pileup. Bodies are thrown from their vehicles, and many drivers and passengers die instantly. The driver of the ambulance, George, attempts to swerve, causing the ambulance to roll and turn on its side. All other vehicles stop, as bystanders get out of their cars to assist in any way.

Anna Marie and Wallace pull the victim, who is now deceased, out of the ambulance. Tyrone assists in pulling George out of the driver’s seat, only to discover that he was now paralyzed. Herman heads toward the site of the crash, where he witnesses a person stumbling forward, engulfed in flames. As he attempts to smother the fire, the “person” lunges at him in an attempt to bite him. He gets his arm deeply gashed by a swipe, and he quickly moves away. The victim, thought deceased, begins to stir, so Wallace checks on him, only to be bitten on his arm. Panicked, Anna Marie pulls a taser and fires it at the victim, also electrocuting Wallace in the process. A stunned Wallace drops next to the now undead person, who continues eating his flesh.

Three soldiers appear, shooting walkers. They lead people from the freeway across a field and into Wells Fargo Center. One soldier in particular specifically seeks out Prof. Waldo, wanting to ensure his safety. As everyone gathers, the soldier lets the group know that he will be returning daily with food and supplies and to keep the doors barricaded.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The soldier returns with supplies and no new information for Prof. Waldo. The professor continues his attempts in keeping everyone calm about the situation.

Herman approaches Anna Marie with the wound that he had been keeping secret. She dresses it, as he is still slightly apprehensive to contact with anyone.

Tyrone meets a girl, Torina, who starts to hang out with him. Tyrone, Uncle Drew, Norm, and David start to get suspicious of Herman, and don’t feel it’s safe staying behind.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The soldier returns, but clearly appears tired and worn. He says nothing, doesn’t wish to speak to the professor, and plainly shoves the supplies to David before leaving.

At night, someone knocks at the front doors, claiming to have a child and seeking refuge. The group lets in a boy, Jack, and his father, Walter, who appear to have no bites, but have been trying to survive outside. David asks to check Walter’s backpack, to which Walter unzips and reveals a lot of clothing inside. The group welcomes the duo to join their temporary sanctuary.

The power goes out.

Anna Marie approaches Herman, and discusses the possibility of leaving Wells Fargo Center. She’s concerned with going to a hospital, in order to tend to a medical condition she has. Herman agrees to show her the roof access, but is interrupted by Jack, who appears to be wandering around lost. To prevent scaring him, Anna Marie hides the fire axe she found behind her back, but it is immediately grabbed by Walter. Walter tosses it to Jack, and puts a combat knife to Anna Marie’s neck. They tell Herman and Anna Marie to walk back towards the whole group.

Upon reaching the group, Walter tells everyone to take their clothes off and to toss their belongings forward. He points to Tyrone and tells him he’s up first. Tyrone steps forward, and without hesitation, pulls the revolver he had been concealing from his pocket. As he points it at Walter, Jack panics and rushes forward with the fire axe, and Tyrone fires a shot point-blank into the kid’s forehead. Walter tosses Anna Marie aside and rushes to his son’s side. In a fit of rage, he attempts to lunge at Tyrone, who shoots him in the head as well.

After moving the bodies, the group decide they should attempt to leave. Herman volunteers to run out into the field outside of Wells Fargo Center and distract the walkers enough for everyone to run north, with intentions of going to Wal-Mart in Windsor.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Herman, with Tyrone’s pistol, runs out into the middle of the field, lighting several fires. As the walkers begin to surround him, he fights and dodges his way to safety, narrowly escaping his death. With that, everyone starts running into the moonlit night across the field. Suddenly, three U.S. Air Force jets fly overhead, moving towards the south. Following them was a black helicopter, emitting a blaring alarm-like sound. Off in the distance, David spotted a lone figure running towards the group. It was the soldier from before.

The soldier reaches the group and collapses on the ground. He appears bitten, tired, and very badly injured. He tells the group that they cannot be in the area, because it will be bombed shortly. He hands his assault rifle, pistol, and combat knife to the group, then tells them to run. In a last hurrah, he pulls a couple grenades and runs north… into the gigantic mass of walkers moving south.


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